I just drove from SF to Palm Springs and back this weekend in my Maserati (which is black BTW). I definitely saw a lot of #2 type behavior - not people calling me in since I kept it under 90 most of the time, but people wanting to race. In fact, just south of Tracy I almost had an accident with a couple of morons in a… » 4/22/14 7:31pm Yesterday 7:31pm

Oh man, if I lived in the UK I would have already bought that Lotus Carlton (same car as the Opel Lotus Omega IIRC, with the seat shifted over to the side that makes me bang my hand on the door card every time I need to shift gears). There was an article in a car magazine back in the 80s about that car that I still… » 4/06/14 2:17pm 4/06/14 2:17pm

I'd keep it. You've got a pretty rare version, and you likely already know every thing that's wrong with it. It's pretty easy to swap some parts in on these to make them a little faster, and even do a full engine swap if you want them tons faster - in many cases while putting the original parts on the shelf if you or… » 4/03/14 2:14pm 4/03/14 2:14pm

I owned a manual 850i for a few years, and it's still on the road as a daily and working reliably several years later (owned by someone I know, maintained by my indy). My experienced view is that reliability on those cars will only eat you alive if maintenance is deferred, which is the time when costs spiral out of… » 3/27/14 1:56pm 3/27/14 1:56pm

It's a neat car to be sure, but at the price almost anything else is better. Build quality is somewhere between not-good and poor, and the feel is not lux at all. Source: I recently looked at one for my new sports car, and dismissed it almost immediately. » 3/24/14 3:44pm 3/24/14 3:44pm

I only realized last year that the answer is probably something like Luxury Executive GT cars. For example, my favorite F-cars have always been front-engine, rear-drive. They can be super cars, but generally are not as knife-edged performance cars as the MR varieties. » 3/24/14 12:28pm 3/24/14 12:28pm