Real or Fake: Whitewalls Edition

All of you are probably aware that for many years white walls were seen as signs of a luxury automobile. Probably from the 20s (or maybe earlier) up through the 60s. Just like fake boobs (or maybe the right analogy is push-up bras) allow people that might not be amply endowed to look like they are, some people wanted… » 11/18/14 3:14pm Tuesday 3:14pm

Happy birthday! Don't sweat it, 40 to (so far) 43 have been fun. The only downside has been exercise has been insufficient to stay in shape, which means paying more attention to inputs (eating). Otherwise it's nice being the person who is young enough to still go out and have fun but old enough that you aren't making… » 11/13/14 11:10am 11/13/14 11:10am

I know most of the lore but enjoyed the game pretty well. I don't take "lore" as "canon" in LOTR as much, because I know Tolkein was telling an (oft-revised) story, and also as a student of the oral tradition of storytelling himself I sort of think he would appreciated the view that not everything that got written… » 11/11/14 4:09pm 11/11/14 4:09pm

Not worth it. You are getting into 550 Maranello money. I owned a 6SP 850i for about 18 months a few years ago after wanting one since new. I didn't have much in the way of maintenance issues, but the car just wasn't exciting in the way it should be. » 11/11/14 2:04pm 11/11/14 2:04pm

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